Are you ready to take your technique to the next level?


In SEASON III we are bringing back our Masterclasses, better than ever!


As a training program, our passion for technique sets us apart, and we are excited to share it with you. Jazz technique is integral to our core values, and we have seen it transform our students’ sharpness, alignment, and overall body awareness. Now, we want to extend the same opportunity to you!


Whether you have been training in jazz before, or come from a different dance background, we ensure you with a training complements your existing training. 


Join us for our exclusive masterclasses, where you can focus on specific techniques ranging from turns to jumps to performance. 


upcoming edition:

June 8th, 2023


As a community we are proud to foster a culture of openness and inclusivity, which is why we are excited to host our open Company Classes!


Every week, our Company Members dive into an 1,5 hour class where they explore and discover through Movement Research or choreography.


We firmly believe that collaboration and sharing are the cornerstones of progress and development. Hence, we are opening these classes to the public once or twice a month, providing a unique opportunity for our members to share their insights and learn from others in an atmosphere of encouragement and positivity.


These classes will provide a space for dancers of all ages and backgrounds to explore the beauty of movement together. 

At MAREA, we are committed to nurturing growth, creativity, and community through dance and movement, and we can’t wait to bring you along on this wonderful  journey. Let’s grow together!